Numerical simulation of Taylor-Couette flow under dielectrophoretic force

  • Roller, Jonas (Heidelberg University)
  • Meyer, Antoine (BTU Cottbus)
  • Stöbel, Robin (BTU Cottbus)
  • Egbers, Christoph (BTU Cottbus)
  • Heuveline, Vincent (Heidelberg University)

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We consider the hydrodynamical behavior of a dielectric fluid contained in a cylinder annulus under applied voltage and temperature gradient between inner and outer wall. This setting gives rise to a resulting body force, being a superposition of buoyancy and dielectrophoretic force (DEP). The situation can be modeled by means of thermal electrohydrodynamical (TEHD) Boussinesq equations. Owing to the mathematical description, this is a challenging three-dimensional nonlinear multi-physics problem we address with finite elements. In the typical scenario for a vertical annulus, the fluid motion reaches a stable state that is formed by a certain number of axially aligned, columnar-formed vortices. Such vortices contribute to enhanced radial heat transfer. To complement ongoing experimental research, we simulate this scenario with an additional centrifugal acceleration corresponding to a rotating inner cylinder. In particular, we investigate the stability of numerical solutions in terms of the phase space between applied voltage and Taylor number. We also explore non-adiabatic thermal boundary conditions, their impact on flow stability and quantitative agreement with experimental results.